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Empower Purpose in the Marketplace

The following is an excerpt from EMPOWER PURPOSE: Impactful & Easy-to-Implement Actions for Small Business.


Though I deeply believe nearly everyone wishes to act from a good place, when we’re inundated with messages of inadequacies, violence, and fear on a daily basis, it can be hard to align external actions with internal intention. Heck, there are times when we can be so over stimulated that it can be hard to locate our internal intentions when our external actions go awry.

A dysfunctional, overblown idea of success has infected our lives. It values of-the-moment materialism, unconscious consumption, and name recognition at any cost. In many sectors, a picture of long term good was out the window decades ago, and we’re reaping the repercussions of such flippant actions. A profit-before-people mentality and the ongoing investment in destructive practices contribute to growing inequality in our economic sectors, widespread pollution, increasing food supply concerns, worker exploitation, and worsening environmental impact.

These increasingly discussed ramifications pull the curtain away from what was once only witnessed behind closed boardroom doors. A recent push for transparency and knowledge provides an opportunity to truly witness the stark contrast between business-as-usual and business-for-purpose.

Recognizing such fractures in our business system can make people feel ineffective and devoid of meaning, but such a thought only feeds a mechanistic business system.

You have power. We all have the capability to bring purpose into the workplace. All is not lost.

As we increasingly see the effects of capital before conscience, many of us are more moved than ever before to begin a marketplace revolution that positively benefits our society. We want to direct the flow of our dollars toward conscious, purposeful pursuits. We want to do more than survive. We want to thrive. We want to build thoughtful organizations and communities that empower others.

Your communities are there to support purpose-driven teams. There’s an evident backlash to corrupt and unhealthy structure. You're not the only one waking up to the consequences of consumption at any cost. Species are dying. Health is declining. Pollution and corporate interest touches every corner of the globe.

According to a 2015 Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study, 81% of consumers say they will make personal sacrifices to address social and environmental issues.

That 81% is you, your friends, your neighbors, your employees, your clients, your community.

We’re all hungry for more. Our hunger doesn’t stem from greed. It’s a hunger to put our time, energy, and focus into something meaningful.

We crave positive impact. We’re tired of feeling like we’re losing a very real game of David and Goliath. We want our lives to be a benefit, not a hindrance. We want to support an equality-minded cultural landscape, sustainable practices, and transparent supply chains.

Being a purpose-driven business isn’t merely about shouting a PR-friendly mission to attract a younger generation of workers and supporters. It’s about making a living while helping others live better. It’s about building a business community that values connection. It’s about creating a culture that elevates well-being. It’s about strengthening the very structure that sustains humanity.

Your life is art. CREATE.

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EMPOWER PURPOSE: Impactful & Easy-to-Implement Actions for Small Business is currently being expanded into a WORKSHOP! I'm stellar excited. It'll be available for download again soon.

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