ABOUT Ionic Sky Copy

Hi. I'm Jamie. As a perpetual learner, habitual explorer, and inquisitive idealist, my life revolves around thoughtful consumption and supporting the wellness of others. Expanding conscious brands and assisting the individuals behind them is paramount to my life.

Altering the mechanics of how we do business is integral to shifting economic paradigms and public perceptions. It's time to turn the spotlight toward alternative food, energy, and wellness offerings.


With over 20 years of client interface in fields ranging from architecture to entertainment, publishing to hospitality, I have experience with brick-and-mortar and online teams in business-to-consumer and business-to-business dynamics. From the cradle of small farming towns to the clutch of urban sprawl, I've navigated my personal and professional lives alongside a wide spectrum of the population.

As information access expands from moment-to-moment, it's imperative to give consumers conscious, transparent options and thoughtful dialogue.

You want more than synergistically dynamic box-less buzz words and a generalist copywriting perspective. You want passion to match your passion and a compassionate understanding of your purpose. 

You wanna do more than sell stuff. You wanna change the world.

Words change the world, and your brand copywriting can make all the difference.

From social media posts and promotional downloads to website content, interviews, and blog pieces, I am a versatile copywriter who can help tie your overall vision into all of your messaging - today and as your goals evolve.


Whether your aim is to build followers, increase brand awareness, boost sales, increase impact, expand your email list or simply get your social media accounts going, we can come up with a plan to fit your needs.

I'd love to learn more about your company and how it fits into the world.

In addition to my experience as a social impact brand copywriter, I am also certified as a Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, and Office Ergonomic Assessor.


When I put fingers to keyboard, this specialized knowledge allows me to share in-demand resources that help readers bring authentic action to their lives.


For a client team, that means a wide-range of engaging, informed content options that reflect the brand as an inspirational expert.

Experience Copywriting Industry Specific Content for:
Biodegradable/Compostable Packaging

Higher Education Institutions

Green Lifestyle
Alternative Health
Mental Health
Drug/Alcohol Recovery
Traditional Medical Services
Spiritual Resources
Corporate Training
Personal Wellness
Community Development
Elder/Senior Care
Plant-based & Vegan Food/Diet

Organic Food/Products

Eco-friendly Home Furnishings