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Quick Tips to Green Your Next Bash
Let Pea Pods on West help you take your eco-consciousness to the next level.

Taking time to consider green options doesn’t simply stop with recycling, reducing waste, and replacing disposable items with awesome biodegradable versions. As we spread thoughtfulness throughout the land like pixies scattering fairy dust, we know that greening only tiny aspects of our lives won’t do the trick. We must… go… all… the… way.


And going all the way means… party! Yes.


There’s always one around the corner. Birthdays. Holidays. Retirements. If you’re not throwing one, you’re going to one. The thing about parties is… they contribute a lot of waste.


We here at Pea Pods on West not only want to supply you with rockin’ rad microbiotic nutrients, but we also wanna dole out awesome tips to boost your life to Level Green.


Let’s get you prepared for your next eco-friendly paaaaaaarrrrtttaaaaay!

(We know that’s not how you spell it, but we love how it sounds.)



The first stop on the eco party list is location. This can make or break your event. Where are your guests coming from? Do they have to drive to the location? Is it easier to throw the bash at a centrally located public space like a park, restaurant, or reception hall?


All of these considerations cut down the overall energy expenditure used for transportation. It’s best to select a location where guests can carpool or utilize public transit.


An excellent way to stay in control of energy waste is to have the party at home. Utilizing a home setting for an eco-friendly bash allows you to keep an eye on event aspects like food selections, electricity usage, and waste collection.



Planning a conscious bash should take the most impactful choices into consideration. What we eat is one of the most powerful decisions we make. Ethically, economically, and environmentally, choosing a plant-based meal will exponentially enlighten your party’s footprint.

Throwing a BBQ at home with grilled veggies, raw goodies, and snacks from area farmers markets is a great way to track waste, assess purchases, and elevate your party to Level Green. If you don't have enough traditional tableware for a large gathering, encourage guests to bring their own or purchase biodegradable plates, cups, and napkins.


If you don't want to undertake all the food responsibility, have a vegan-themed potluck or cater fantastic local, organic dishes from Pea Pods on West. If do-it-yourself dining doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, we also accept reservations for up to 20 people. Our back patio is also available to rent! We offer a complimentary private bartender, and Pea Pods on West only serves biodynamic alcohol selections. If you’re not located in our fine city, most major metro areas have a wide selection of veggie-based establishments to consider.



Car pool! Public transit! Walk! Bike! Skateboard! Rollerblade! Use a wheelbarrow! Whatever gets you there with less fuel and more awesome, choose that option.



No matter the occasion, most parties include gift-giving. If this bash is for you, maybe now’s the time to set a precedence.


No gifts.


I know. It shocks your brain a little when you contemplate it, right? What kind of party doesn’t have… presents? Our culture is set up to buy, buy, buy, give, give, give, receive, receive, receive. We’re told we’re rude if we don’t offer gifts and rude if we don't accept them. There’s no better time than your inaugural eco-friendly party to do away with needless gift-giving.


Look around. Do you really need more stuff? Suggest donations to a favorite charity or if friends feel they must bring a gift, suggest party offerings – treats or cocktails.


If this isn't your own personal green-ed up soiree, there are lots of eco-conscious ways to give. Get a garden starter kit. Write a letter chronicling special moments with the guest of honor. Purchase an antique or rare vintage item. Instead of a thing, give your friend an experience – tickets to a concert, museum, or festival.


No matter how you eco up your next bash, we're proud of you for taking your life to Level Green. Thanks for following us, and be sure to join the Pea Pods on West mailing list to get extra special awesomeness in your email on a regular basis. See you soon!

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