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Change the way business is done! Attend the Empower Purpose Small Business workshop in PDX. In under 2 hours, you'll gain attainable, actionable steps to bring more purpose to your life, your business, and the world. Space is limited. Reserve your spot today. Use promo code COMMUNITY to take $10 off the ticket price.

Feel inspired when you ask, "Do my actions matter?" Take the next step in the evolution of business. Any business size. Any industry. Space is limited. Reserve your spot today. Thursday, March 22nd. PDX. Take $10 off the ticket price with promo code COMMUNITY. Be the change.

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As many look around and wonder how positive impacts can be made in the world, others feel the overwhelm of being one person, one business, one entity in a sea of traditional models that value profit far above and beyond people.

  •     Your business can be profitable and positive.

  •     Your business can be profitable and eco-conscious.

  •     Your business can be profitable and enrich lives.

At times, the world seems to be facing a crisis of purpose. You don't have to lean political or faith-based to share empowered values, ideas, and intentions through your small business.

You can change the world
You can do it at your own pace.
You can do it for your own reasons.

The Empower Purpose workshop aims to help small businesses incorporate purpose in manageable ways to fit the broad goal of adding more positive impact to the world with the work they do. Attend the PDX area event on March 22nd. A $10 off discount has been extended to our organization. Learn more about the event here (, and use promo code COMMUNITY to get the discount at check-out.

There are nearly 30 MILLION small businesses in the United States. That's a lot of people power. Let's help create a positive, profitable, and inspired economic landscape.

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