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Whether born and raised or a transplant, there comes a time in every city dweller’s life when they want to run off into the sunset after a gridlocked two hour, five mile commute. Whether it’s packed freeways or packed clubs, expensive produce or even sky-high rent, there’s more than a few factors to keep us daydreaming of a secluded cabin in the woods.


Thankfully, for every eye-scratching, nail-biting, eye-rolling moment of suburban hell, there are late night coffee shops, diversity, culture, incredible live music, wide-ranging job selections, diverse cuisine… and if you’re lucky, a great vegan restaurant like Four Potato Two.


City living is a beautiful thing, but when you’re feeling the urban insanity creep into your heart, here are five suggestions to stay out of the rubber room.


Get Outdoors!

Every city has a parks and recreation system. Get out there and discover it. Take some time, play some basketball. Explore the hiking and biking trails. Get out of the car, get out of the office, get out of the house! Join an outdoors sporting team or start one yourself. Most major cities have adult leagues for soccer, softball, and football. All that oxygen will not only boost your mood and take your eyes off the concrete jungle, but you’ll also broaden your social circle.



I felt a little odd putting that exclamation point after the word meditate, but that’s how you’ll feel when your timer goes off after a particularly blissful session. Often times people will insist that they don’t know how to meditate or there’s no way they can sit still for that long. Uhhh, people? That’s the point. Do you know how to breathe and focus on something in your mind? That’s meditating. Drawing your attention away from your own train of thought can be the greatest gift you give yourself – city slicker or not.



Whether you’re pumping iron in the gym, doing planks in your living room, or running around your local trails, exercise is imperative to keeping not only your body functioning, but your mind as well. Even moderate exercise releases endorphins and improves your circulation. When you stick to a regular exercise routine, the benefits skyrocket. It’s a mood-booster, de-stresser, and life-extender.


It’s said that doing good for another is actually doing good for yourself. That’s not simply another way of saying “We’re all one!” It’s actually fairly obvious that when we help other people, WE feel good about it. We don't merely feel good about progressing whatever cause we’re supporting, but it just simply feels good to help. Think about your areas of interest. Get out there and offer a few hours a week for a good cause. Don’t think you can help? No matter what you do, non-profits always have a need for helpers. Seriously.



Sometimes living in a city can feel a little like this: Wake, eat, dress, commute, commute, commute, work, commute, commute, commute, random activity, eat, Netflix, sleep. Yes. We all know those days when the grind gets us down and we feel like our blood is part motor oil. Can you tell I’ve lived in LA? Setting aside blocks of time for friends is important for your sanity. Don’t simply go out and get wasted. Go out and see some beauty. Do the previous 4 things together! And yes, there is such a thing as group meditation. Can you tell I’ve lived in LA? Get together and head to a museum. Put your phones away. Look at the art! Talk about it! Put your phones away. Eat dinner. Talk. Look at their face. Put your phones away. Even the most career driven people need a moment to recharge and direct their attention away from their work. Laughing, taking a moment to enjoy life, and spending time with friends (not looking at your phones) can go a long on your quest to stay off the crazy train. 


We know at least one of these options will give you peace on a wild day. We also know that if you’re ever feeling a little over the edge, Four Potato Two’s cashew cheese mac-n-cheese is the best comfort food in town. On top of it tasting spectacular, you can also feel good about eating non-GMO, organic goodness. Come on in! We love to see all of our sweet customers – on peaceful and wild days! 

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