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Ionic Sky Copy's primary focus is electronic media. Print copywriting assignments are considered on a case-by-case basis.


This is a partial list of samples and services.


Every company is different. Every company's voice, content, and copywriting goals are variable and unique. You may not see exactly what you desire, because we haven't created it yet. If you imagine something not reflected here, let's collaborate on material distinctive to you and your vision.

Blog Posts

Add ongoing, empowered content to your website. A regularly updated blog adds opportunities to establish a community for your supporters, showcases your brand as a trusted expert, and provides you with relevant, eye-catching pathways back to your website from your social media channels.

Promotional Downloads

You have far more awesome than your website can hold. Take topics that are of interest to your supporters, and create content to encourage empowered, knowledge-filled lives. When you have content that your supporters love, you can build your email list by offering free promotional downloads to interested supporters. This gets new and established supporters in touch with your brand on a more regular basis.


Help your supporters know more and show how much your brand knows. This establishes trust and strengthens relationships between your team and your supporters. Useful long-form content can shed light on your brand's "expert" status on the topic you choose. Ebooks can be sold or used as a list-building download.

Everyone and my mother (true) is on social media. It's an amazing avenue to share content, build brand trust, and stay at the forefront of your supporters' minds. With an ongoing brand voice on multiple platforms online, you're not only helping the supporters connected to you on social media, you're popping up more readily in organic searches. Between simple posts and sponsored ads, social is a necessity to any team that wants to bring life into their online presence. 

Email Newsletters/Autoresponders

You have a list, now what do you do with it? The supporters on your email list already love you or they wouldn't be on your list. Whether you want to share fabulous free content, sale promotions, special interest events or all the things, email newsletters are key to keeping your supporters in the loop and feeling like a priority.

Website Content

Your website is your online home. Build passion, excitement, and connection there, and you can spread it through your other online platforms. We can explore your brand intentions, your story, and your goals to build thoughtful content and a consistent voice for your website.

Promotional Material

Words are needed everywhere. Promoting your brand when opportunities arise and creating your own opportunities along the way is so necessary in our overstimulated world. Whether it's cross promotion, guest blog posts on like-minded outlets, collaborative outreach to other brands, or thoughtful press releases to media outlets, we can work together to represent your brand values in all the collateral you create.

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I'm a fan of transparency.

After we discuss your needs and come to an agreement on a project, I'll send a scope of work understood and project quote. The quote will include a viable time frame. If the scope of work requires fine-tuning, a new quote will be submitted for review. After acceptance, I will begin the project upon receipt of the first payment.


Standard payment schedule is 50% of the overall fee upfront and the remaining 50% upon completion. If the project is dismissed along the way, the initial payment will be retained as a kill fee. 


For larger projects, the price includes research, follow-up inquiries, one rough draft, two revisions of that draft, and a final rendering. Smaller, quick turn-around or ongoing contract pieces will have customized revision stages set prior to the execution of work. Before the posting of a completed work, I offer a proofread at no additional charge.


If a project scope changes, a new contract and rate agreement may be issued/approved.


RETAINER AGREEMENTS are available to brands who feel a structured, ongoing copywriting relationship would be a good fit for their needs. Each retainer agreement differs in format. We can work together to create a framework that best serves you.


RUSH JOB REQUESTS are welcome and considered on a case-by-case basis. Typical project rates do not apply to rush assignments. 

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